Breathing – It Works!

Submitted by Allison Allen So, you know how sometimes you get all wrapped up in something and really dive in. Then at some point you step back and take stock…and realize you have skipped something really basic. But really important! Well, I was reading through all my previous missives to all y’all, you know, to…

Where We Find Meaning

Submitted by Allison Allen If you frequently read my articles, you know that I usually take a pretty light tone. It’s just my style. Today, though, that somehow doesn’t seem quite right. The news has been pretty heavy recently, hasn’t it? We’ve surpassed 100,00 folks lost to COVID-19 in the US alone, we see people…

The Trouble With Trauma

Trauma and suffering are words that we are all familiar with.  For some us the mere mention of trauma and suffering brings an intense emotional reaction that can hold us hostage and even be gut wrenching.  Trauma exists across systems, cultures and communities and affects us without discrimination through man made suffering or natural disasters.  According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) more than half of the adult population has been exposed to at least one traumatic event, and 90% of clients in public behavioral health settings have experienced trauma. These statistics do not include the trauma that has gone unreported or unacknowledged in our country.

The Benefits of Counseling

The better question is why not? Many people who receive counseling discover that the idea of being in therapy is worse than the actual experience. The reasons people avoid therapy are endless—does it mean I’m broke or crazy, will people think I’m unsafe, that’s only for suicidal people, I can’t afford it—but yet they remain unhappy with some element in their life. Why not consider a different route?

Practicing Mindfulness

We have all experienced stress and being lost in our emotions. Those feelings can be very overwhelming and hard to move on from. Mindfulness is a great way to overcome those feelings. Mindfulness is a state of mind where you are observing your thoughts and feelings without judging them and helps to teach us to…