We are here for everyone and accept those with private insurance, Medicaid, or those with no insurance. We also have a Sliding Fee Scale for patients who qualify.

Recovery from substance use disorders is a process of change. Our Recovery program focuses on all of your health and social needs, not just your addiction. Participants in our program have access to a care team committed to addressing the root cause of their disease, along with addressing other barriers to health. This includes Community Health Workers, Peer Support Specialists, Physicians, Behavioral Health Therapists, and more.

NorthLakes emphasizes 5 components of recovery, which include:

• Health
• Purpose and support
• Medication treatment
• Education and knowledge
• Community

Our Recovery Program serves patients by providing:

• Outpatient (individual and group) counseling
• Medication-assisted treatment
• Abstinence-based treatment
• OWI assessment programs
• Intensive case management
• Community supports
• Aftercare services

Addiction has been stigmatized, and often people feel embarrassed about seeking help. However, there is absolutely no reason to feel any shame. A Substance Use Disorder is a disease, just like diabetes or heart disease.

If you feel you may benefit from a SUD assessment or have questions about our Recovery Program, please call 888.834.4551.

We offer Recovery Services at the following locations (services offered depend on location):

• Ashland
• Hayward
• Turtle Lake