Fulfilling A Need

Our priority is to provide access to you.

Access is our mandate.

This means that we are here to provide people in Wisconsin with high-quality care regardless of their ability to pay. We take a whole-person approach to healthcare with a focus on prevention and integration.

We understand the challenges of rural health care.

We operate 19 clinics throughout Wisconsin. The largest rural community we serve is just over 11,000 people. Our staff lives and work in these communities—in fact, many of them grew up in rural Wisconsin. We understand the challenges you might face accessing the services you need and we want you to know we have a team of individuals available to help you get the help you need.

But how can you help me?

Community Health Worker

Our Community Health Workers offer additional support to our patients to help remove barriers to care.

We know that open appointment slots are only part of the access issue. That’s why we’ve hired a team of Community Health Workers (CHW) to help you. Our CHWs can help you apply for health insurance, arrange transportation, or enroll in prescription assistance programs. Equally as important, they work with you to identify other things that may prevent you from showing up for appointments or engaging in your care. They will take the time to understand what social supports you have, your level of stress, and how safe you are, and refer you to support as needed.

Our clinical team is committed to providing a team-based approach to providing quality, preventative care. If additional specialty services are needed that we cannot provide, we work with partners throughout the region to ensure you have access to the care you need.

Why do you do this?

We believe if we are going to achieve our vision of healthy, prosperous, engaged communities where everyone thrives, we need to address both social and clinical needs. We’re committed to this because we believe you deserve more. You deserve to feel safe and have your basic needs met along with having access to the resources you need to thrive.

While we cannot achieve all of this alone, we are committed to addressing the social drivers of health to create real and sustaining change in the health outcomes for the people we serve in northern Wisconsin.

Please consider giving us a try because you deserve access to quality, affordable care.

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