Sliding Fee Scale

Do you qualify?

We are committed to providing you with high-quality healthcare, regardless of your insurance status or ability to pay. One way we make good on that promise is by offering a sliding fee scale. This program allows you to pay a nominal fee, or in some cases, no fee based on your income. 

We ask everyone to fill out a sliding fee scale application because you may qualify for it, even if you have insurance.

Your eligibility for the sliding fee scale is based on your household income and household size and is calculated using federal guidelines regardless of insurance.

Do You Qualify?

Call or visit any of our clinics to request an application, or download an application here: Sliding Fee Scale application.

You can view application instructions here: Application Instructions. If you need assistance, call 888.834.4551 and ask to speak with a Patient Financial Advocate. Below are links to the application as well as instructions to help you do so.

Application Instructions

Sliding Fee Scale Application

Self-Declaration Of No Income 

Introduction to the Sliding Fee Scale Video

Listen to us answer some common questions our patients have about the sliding fee scale in this short introductory video below.