Our patients are our leaders.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), we are governed by a patient majority Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is a governing body of a non-profit organization and an FQHC. Individuals who sit on a Board of Directors oversee our activities, and they meet periodically throughout the year to discuss and vote on the affairs of our organization, the mission, strategy, and goals.

Are you a patient and invested in the future of NorthLakes?

We are always seeking applications for patients who are interested in becoming a board member. If you’re interested in becoming a board member and are a patient, please fill out the Board Self-Nomination Form and email it to

Current Board Members

President, Frank Suo – Hayward, WI
Vice President, Amy Klebe – Townsend, WI
Treasurer, Mike Flaherty – Clear Lake, WI
Secretary, Michael Stamp – Hayward, WI

Mary Jo Becker – Hayward, WI

JoAnn Fleming – Ironwood, MI

Dave Krochalk – White Lake, WI

Nancy Miller – Ellsworth, WI

Judy Popelka – White Lake, WI

Richard Thiede – Mercer, WI

Chief Executive Officer, Reba Rice
Chief Operations Officer, Jason Akl
Chief Financial Officer, Brian Ahlgren