Tools and Resouces

Tools and Resources

COVID-19 Provider Roundtable

In response to the COVID-19, NorthLakes CEO, Reba Rice had a conversation with some area physicians to learn more about what to expect about the status in our communities and current treatment options.

Thank you to Dr. White from Memorial Medical Center, Dr. Reitz from Red Cliff Community Health Center, and our own Dr. Dryer for taking part.

Status in Our Communities

Current Treatment Options

Symptoms for Allergies, Cold, Flu, and COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19

From the CDC

From NorthLakes

From Our Providers:

Kind Eyes
Allison Allen shares the benefits of kind eyes.

Vaccine Update
Lori Cannon, RN shares information about COVID-19 vaccine.

Decision Fatigue
The pandemic grinds on and Dr. Allen breaks down how that can be affecting decisions that we make about keeping ourselves and our communities safe.

Vaccinate Early This Flu Season
This year it’s more important than ever to get your flu shot.




Happiness is a Funny Thing
A Pandemic is what you make of it.

Don’t Delay Your Care
We know that COVID-19 is not going away in the immediate future, and the risk to our patients with chronic disease is beginning to shift.

Move Your Body. Change Your Life:
Information on how moving your body can change your overall mood.

Befriending our grief and anxiety:
Tips on processing emotions and anxiety during COVID-19.

Boost your immunity:
Tips from chiropractor Dr. Lorelei Wakefield on boosting your immune system.

Practicing mindfulness:
Video series on how mindfulness by chief behavioral health officer Dr. Allison Allen.

Autism, coronavirus, anxiety and strategies to coping with it all:
Behavioral Health Therapist Sean Inderbitzen shares some practical advice for parents whose children have autism.

Pursing a Meaningful Life:
Dr. Allen provides some tools on how to move through challenges with greater rewards in mind.

Breathing – It Works!
Dr. Allen gives us some tools to simply breathe to feel better.

Don’t Interrupt Your Feelings:
Dr. Allen shares some advice about our emotions during COVID-19.

Information for Pregnant Families

Information for Tribal Communities From the CDC: