Prescription Services

Prescription Services

We believe everyone deserves access to comprehensive primary care. We are here for everyone and accept those with private insurance, BadgerCare or those with no insurance. We also have a Sliding Fee Scale for patients who qualify.

Our Prescription Services are here to help with any prescription need and answer any questions you may have. Our services are “closed pharmacies”, meaning we only fill prescriptions written by our providers. If you have a prescription written by providers outside of NorthLakes, we cannot fill those prescriptions.

When you need a prescription or medication authorized by your provider, please allow 72 business hours for your provider to respond to your request.

All prescription locations are closed daily between 12:30 – 1pm.

If you have any questions, please contact the clinics directly:

Ashland: (715) 685-1979
Iron River: (715) 372-5011
Minong: (715) 934-3067