100 Who Care – Sawyer County

NorthLakes Community Clinic is the founding organization and host of the 100 Who Care Sawyer County Chapter. The 100 Who Care Alliance is a national movement based on the simple and powerful giving circle concept.

A giving circle is individuals coming together, pooling their dollars, learning collaboratively about their community’s needs, and deciding where to give the money. NorthLakes Community Clinic has adopted this philanthropic model to help neighboring nonprofits who partner in removing barriers to well-being and assisting the community.

How it Works:

As a member, you donate $100 with the 99 other members, so a collective fund of $10,000, three times in a twelve-month period. The premise is many times, we donate $100 here and there and don’t feel like our money is making a difference, whereas $10,000 to an organization can make some impact!


How to Become a Member:

On this webpage, there are two forms. We need these forms filled out and emailed to mrekemeyer@nlccwi.org.

The Commitment form. This form is a handshake agreement that you will commit $300 annually. You also agree that the majority will rule and consent to write a check to the organization with the most votes.

The Nomination form. Members have a voice in who receives the funds. First, you nominate one organization under each category.   We tally the forms. The top three organizations nominated under each category present for 5 minutes, followed by a Q&A at that category event. After hearing their talks, you will cast a paper ballot vote. The organization with the most votes receives the funds. All checks are written out directly to the chosen organization that night. 

If you can’t attend a meeting, we will email you the next day announcing the chosen organization and where to donate online or send your check. Proxy voting is available by clicking on the box at the bottom of our page.  


For additional information, contact mrekemeyer@nlccwi.org or the 100 Who Care Sawyer County Facebook page.

Proxy Voting is helpful if you cannot attend an event in person. Your donation MUST be made before noon of the event day. If you have a member voting for you please let them know your choice of the organizations.