NorthLakes Podcast

Season 1

NorthLakes Podcast

NorthLakes Podcast where we take a topic and discuss it with NorthLakes providers and care givers.

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A quick preview of what Season 1 has to offer.

Listen to Anger with Allison Allen

Dr. Allen is a Psychologist and NorthLakes Chief Behavioral Health Officer and she shares the good and bad about anger.

Listen to Chiropractic Care with Jordan Oien

Jordan Oien is a chiropractor at our Turtle Lake Clinic. He thinks everyone should see a chiropractor and he makes his case for that here.

Listen to Recovery with Brenda Goettl

Brenda Goettl is a Substance Use Disorder Therapist and is NorthLakes Recovery Program Director.

Picky Eating with Angie Schoeppach and Jennie Zelenak – Due out November 30