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Season 1

NorthLakes Podcast

NorthLakes Podcast where we take a topic and discuss it with NorthLakes providers and care givers.

Season Three

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Episode 19: Lyme Disease with Tom Nigbor

Do you think that you know everything about Lyme Disease? So did we until we sat down with Physician Associate Tom Nigbor. He shares everything that someone who lives or visits an area with a lot of ticks should know. Along that way he may tell you a couple of things that you may have wrong about this common disease, how to spot it, and how it is treated.

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Episode 18: Sliding Fee Scale with Tricia Krym

What is NorthLakes Sliding Fee Scale? How does it help people access care? Director of Patient Financial Services, Tricia Krym answers these questions and explains how people can find out if they qualify.

Learn more on here:

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Episode 17: Medicaid Unwinding with Access Navigator Patty Turner

The end of the Public Health Emergency (PHE), means there are some changes to some peoples Medicaid (AKA BadgerCare) coverage.

What do you need to know? Get the lowdown on the latest edition of the NorthLakes Podcast where we talk to Access Coordinator, Medicaid expert, Patty Turner.

This episode has information specific to the Spring of 2023. If you need the most up to date information about BadgerCare, Medicaid, or anything insurance related, call us at: 888.834.4551

Two links mentioned in this episode:

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Episode 16: Sugar Addiction with Rebecca Crumb-Johnson, MA, RD, CDCES

Rebecca Crumb-Johnson is a Registered Dietitian as well as a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist at NorthLakes. In this episode she shares what she knows about sugar and why we crave it, what it does to us and why that may not be good.

In the episode she talks about the World Health Organization’s recommendations on consumption. Here is a link to that:

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Episode 15: Emotional Regulation with Angie Schoeppach, ITR/L

Occupational therapist, Angie Schoeppach works with patients every day that have a challenge keeping their emotions in check. She brings her insight to this episode of the NorthLakes Podcast. The conversation goes from why regulating your emotion is important to how she works with patients find the emotional, “just right zone”.

Your host also shares a moment of needing to regulate his own emotions right before Angie arrived.

Season Two

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Episode 14: Community Health Workers Brenda Spurlock & Xristobal Ramirez Romero

What is a community health worker? They are a key component in breaking down barriers to wellness at NorthLakes Community Clinic. In this episode with talk with two of them, Brenda Spurlock and Xristobal Ramirez Romero about what they do and how they collaborate with the providers at NorthLakes.

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Episode 13: Dental Anxiety with Dr. Tina Sopiwnik

Fear of going to the dentist is a real thing and everyone experiences it in a different way. In our talk with NorthLakes Community Clinic Dentist Tina Sopiwnik, she shares how she works with her patients, both young and old, to make a visit easier.

She also shares some suggestions on how parents can make those visits easier for their kids. We also talk a little bit about her dog.

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Episode 12: Grief with Jennifer Hodgson, M.Ed, LPC

All of us have experienced grief in one way or another or will at some point. What is it? What can cause it and what are ways to work with it?

Behavioral Health Therapist Jennifer Hodgson jumps on to the podcast to answer some of these questions and explain how you may be experiencing grief and might not even know that is what you are feeling.

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Episode 11: Colon Cancer with Dr. Dodson Thompson

Why is it important to screened for colon cancer? How do you do it?

Dr. Dee shares all this and more.

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Episode 10: Dental Outreach with Ashlei Guarisco

NorthLakes Community Clinic’s dental outreach program goes to schools in 23 counties in the northern third of Wisconsin. What can you as a parent expect and what services will your children receive?

We learn that and more in this episode of the NorthLakes Podcast.

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Episode 9: Autism with Sean Inderbitzen, LCSW

What is autism? How do you talk about it? What does, “being on the spectrum” mean?

Sean discusses all of this and more. Sean has autism so not only does he bring his expertise as a Behavioral Health Therapist to the conversation, but how he views it as someone who has it. He has appeared on a number of podcasts and you can find links to those on his Linkedin page.

Sean sees patients at our clinics in Birchwood and Hayward as well as some of the schools in that area.

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Episode 8: Long COVID with Tamilyn White

Tamilyn White is a Behavioral Health Therapist at our clinic in Hayward. She has long COVID and she shared what that experience has been like.

Here is one of the haiku’s she wrote:

worst headache ever
chest filled with heavy cement
coughing always is not fun

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Episode 7: Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care with Lorelei Wakefield, 

Have you considered what chiropractic care can do before, during, and after a pregnancy? Neither had we until we talked to Doctor of Chiropractic Lorelei Wakefield. It’s more than just helping with a sore back deep into the third trimester.

Take a listen and then call NorthLakes Community Clinic to find out how we can assist you. Lorelei has retired from practice, but we have many other chiropractors that are available.


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Episode 6: Diabetes Prevention with Rebecca Crumb-Johnson

What can you do to help prevent diabetes? Some causes are hereditary, others people are able to control.

Rebecca gives some great advice about how to make diabetes less likely in your life, what she does in her role as a registered Dietitian and as a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist.

Episode 5: Video Game Addiction with Benjamin Britain

Is there someone in your life that plays video games? A lot of video games?
Is that bad? We dig into that question in this episode and talk a lot about addiction in general. Learn more about Behavioral Health at NorthLakes here.

Season One

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Episode 4: Picky Eating with Angie Schoeppach & Jennie Zelenak
Occupation Therapist Angie Schoeppach and Speech Pathologist Jennie Zelenak talk about picky eating on the last episode of season one. Learn more about Pediatric Therapies here.

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Episode 3: Recovery with Brenda Goettl
Brenda Goettl is a Substance Use Disorder Therapist and is NorthLakes Recovery Program Director. Learn more about our Recovery Program here.

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Episode 2: Chiropractic Care with Jordan Oien
Jordan Oien is a chiropractor at our Turtle Lake Clinic. He thinks everyone should see a chiropractor and he makes his case for that in this episode. Learn more about Chiropratic here.

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Episode 1: Anger with Allison Allen
Dr. Allen is a Psychologist and NorthLakes Chief Behavioral Health Officer and she shares the good and bad about anger. Learn more about Behavioral Health at NorthLakes here.

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A quick preview of what Season 1 has to offer.