Lactation Support

Submitted by Angie Vasser, pediatric occupational therapist The first year of life is quite a busy time for parents. During the first year of life, your child is growing and learning skills at a faster pace than they ever will again. With appropriate support, most babies follow typical milestone achievements and development. It is amazing…

NorthLakes Community Clinic Opens New Clinic in Marinette

NorthLakes Community Clinic (NLCC) is excited to announce they are now providing affordable chiropractic care in Marinette. The clinic is located in the Roosevelt Plaza at 2545 Roosevelt Road, Suite 107 in Marinette. This will be a temporary location while NLCC builds out a larger, more permanent clinic in Marinette. Long-term plans include adding behavioral health, dental, and optometry services in the coming months.

Check Your Bumps for Lumps

This month marks everyone’s favorite month, especially if you like pink! October is breast cancer awareness month. It is our chance to talk and bring awareness to breast cancer for both women and men. Yes, men are also at risk. So let’s jump right into it.

Mayo Clinic Hometown Grant Awards NorthLakes Community Clinic $10,000

NorthLakes Community Clinic (NLCC) received a $10,000 Mayo Clinic Health System Hometown Health Grant to assist in expanding their Behavioral Health Wing in Turtle Lake. The clinic recently underwent a 4,600 square feet expansion to expand their dental, behavioral health, recovery, chiropractic and health and wellness support services.  The funding was used to purchase media equipment that will assist in virtual visits including a large screen TV with an attached computer, programming, and a speaker/sound bar with video.

Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines

“Have you had your colonoscopy yet?”  This is the phrase that most middle aged humans hear during their yearly wellness visit.  Have you ever wondered why this is always asked?  When looking at deaths related to cancer, colon cancer is the third leading cause in this group. In 2018 alone the rate of colon cancer went up 31 percent.  If colon cancer is caught early enough, the patient’s prognosis improves.  That has led the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force or USPSTF, the group that sets colon cancer screening guidelines, to lower the screening age from 50 years of age to now 45 years of age.

NorthLakes Celebrates Expansion in Turtle Lake

NorthLakes Community Clinic recently celebrated the expansion of its clinic in Turtle Lake, adding 4,600 square feet of space. The addition includes a group therapy room and additional Behavioral Health and Recovery provider treatment rooms, enhanced space for chiropractic care including a digital x-ray machine, additional space to expand dental services and office space for support staff that provides care in the clinic and in local schools.