When Nature Doesn’t Call

Spring break is upon us, and many are preparing to fly off to enjoy a week on the beach, skiing in the mountains, or maybe something more exotic. Seasoned travelers know the importance of preparing for things like jet lag and staying hydrated on long flights or car trips, but one of the most universal complaints about travel is also one of the least discussed. It might be embarrassing, but as the kids’ book says, everybody poops—and when you’re traveling, normal bathroom routines can go right out the window. While poop-related issues are extremely common while on vacation, they don’t have to be a part of your travel experience. We’ll break down common reasons for these issues and give you some tips on keeping things regular during your vacation.

How Sleep Affects What We Eat

Did you know adequate sleep is needed for maintaining healthy bodies, minds, and emotions? Research shows that seven to nine hours of sleep a night is considered to be what is needed to support good health in adults. Yet most Americans don’t meet this standard. 

The Need for Sleep

With the festive hustle and bustle the holiday season brings, I bet you’ve been busy! Same here. Do you know what tends to get shortchanged when we get busy? Lots of things, probably. But a big one is sleep. It tends to become an afterthought, treated as somewhat optional. We know we need our rest – but we also need to get this done, and get that done – and so we nibble at its edges in favor of our to-do list. So this is a gentle reminder for you to reconsider that approach.

NorthLakes Community Clinic Opens Three New Physical Therapy Locations

NorthLakes Community Clinic (NLCC) is starting 2024 with three new locations in Bayfield and Douglas counties. In December, NLCC purchased the northern offices of Orthopedic & Spine Therapy (OST), allowing the federally qualified health center (FQHC) to provide increased access to Physical Therapy services. The clinics are located in Bayfield, Poplar and Solon Springs. OST’s Iron River Clinic was also included in the sale, which had been operating out of NLCC’s current Iron River location.