NorthLakes Receives Funding for Dental Equipment

Lakewood, Wisconsin – The Leon H. and Clymene Bond Foundation, Inc. generously donated $48,998 toward NorthLakes Community Clinic’s recent purchase and installation of $115,403 in new dental equipment at the Lakewood Clinic.  Installed in mid-February, the equipment has allowed the FQHC to update two doctor operatories and one hygiene operatory. Equipment secured through the Leon H. and Clymene Bond Foundation, Inc. includes dental chairs, three dental X-ray units, three dentists’ stools, and two assistants’ stools.  Lakewood Clinic Manager, Mary Kay Tallier, states that the “upgraded equipment will assist with efficiency and patient care” and she notes that “there is already a noticeable boost in staff morale, with comments of appreciation coming from not only patients but staff as well. Thank you Bond Foundation for your contribution towards helping us invest in addressing the dental needs of the region!”

Childhood Vaccine Benefits

Early childhood vaccines are important to protect your child and prevent outbreaks of diseases like pertussis and measles. Vaccines are one of the single most lifesaving public health measures, and they undergo a rigorous testing and approval process before they are available for public use. Our immune systems are complex and there can be a lot of confusing and sometimes inaccurate information about vaccines on the internet. It isn’t always easy to find the truth, so we wanted to share a brief overview of early childhood vaccines and some of the diseases they protect against.

Superior Health Foundation Helps Fund New Medical Equipment

Hurley, Wisconsin – The Superior Health Foundation contributed nearly $7,000 in grant funding toward the purchase of medical equipment at NorthLakes Community Clinic – Hurley. The funds helped the FQHC purchase a new exam table, an Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) device for the clinic’s X-ray machine, and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). These items help medical staff address a wide range of issues with patients from Michigan and Wisconsin on a daily basis. 

Parenting Tips

Parenting is tough. To help overcome parenting challenges, we started a series that offers effective advice, strategies, and approaches that support your child’s growth and development.

The new series, which leans on the expert advice from one of our pediatric occupational therapists, Jordan Chingo, is aptly called “Parenting Tips: Kid Tested, Pediatric Therapist Approved.” In the series, Jordan shares ideas and demonstrates fun and easy at-home activities that benefit all children. If you think that your child could benefit from other ways that improve their abilities and strengthen their independence, schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric therapists at our clinics in Ashland, Hayward, or Iron River.