Delta Variant

Delta Variant

The latest variant of the COVID-19 virus is Delta. It’s fast spreading and is happening throughout much of the country and here in northern Wisconsin. Learn more about the Delta and all of the other variants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention here:

And from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services here:

We want you to know that since COVID-19 started, safety has been and continues to be our number one priority. We continue to use the Centers for Disease guidelines for how we manage COVID-19 with our patients and staff. As a result, you will not notice any major changes as a result of the Delta Variant. We will still be taking temperatures at the door, asking a series of screening questions and requesting that all patients remain masked while inside our buildings.

What should you be doing to protect yourself from this and all strains of COVID-19?

The best thing that you can do is get vaccinated, which you can do at NorthLakes or this link can help you find a place, is to receive the vaccine:

Wearing a mask, keeping your distance and washing your hands still remain great ways to help keep you safe from the virus. 

Here is a link to all of the updated safety recommendations from the CDC: