100 Who Care – Sawyer County

NorthLakes Community Clinic is proud to announce that it is launching a 100 Who Care Sawyer County Chapter. The 100 Who Care Alliance is a national movement based on the simple and powerful concept of a giving circle.

A giving circle is formed when individuals come together, pool their dollars, learn collaboratively about their community’s needs and decide together where to give the money. This philanthropic model has been adopted by NorthLakes Community Clinic to help their neighboring nonprofits who partner in removing barriers to well-being and assisting the community at large.

“NorthLakes provides affordable health care services to everyone including the underserved and at-risk populations. We also offer a range of supportive services that address the underlying causes of disadvantage and remove barriers to wellness. And fortunately, we are not alone! We have many critical community partners in this complicated and important work. We refer clients to other nonprofits for resources and collaborate with many neighboring organizations to support our community members. The Sawyer County 100 Who Care chapter is designed to provide a new pathway to financial support to all our local nonprofits. This project speaks to our core belief that all boats rise together.” Said Reba Rice, CEO of NorthLakes Community Clinic.

This model provides individual donors with an opportunity to make more of an impact by pooling their donations with their neighbors. It also provides local nonprofit (501c3) organizations with a great opportunity to increase their visibility in the community, raise local awareness about the issues they exist to address and have a chance to raise funds without having to write a lengthy grant, gather individual donors or create their own fundraisingevent. For a five-minute pitch, they have the opportunity to win the collective funds of the 100 members donating $100, which is $10,000. The chosen organization is also asked to report back to the members on how the funds furthered their mission or increased the capacity of their project.

There are currently twenty-three 100 Who Care Alliances in Wisconsin, including nearby Polk/Barron Counties, Eau Claire, and St. Croix County. NorthLakes has already created a chapter serving Ashland and Bayfield Counties and is currently working to do the same in Sawyer County. “We will do our best to create awareness of this opportunity for Sawyer County. We were fortunate in Ashland and Bayfield Counties to reach 120 members after just a few months. We hope for the same kind of engagement and support for this fun and meaningful opportunity here.” Stated Madelaine Rekemeyer, Development Director of NorthLakes Community Clinic.

Interested? Just fill out the commitment and nomination forms found on this page and send it to mrekemeyer@nlccwi.org or photo and send via text to (651) 792-5534.

Any questions, please call Madelaine at (651) 792-5534.

Updated 2.13.2023