Frequently Asked Voting Questions

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When Do We Vote?

The next election, which is the presidential is on November 3. On this day you can go to your polling place to cast your ballot.

You are also able to request an absentee ballot prior to election day and cast your ballot via the mail.

How Do I Vote?

The first step is to register to vote. You may already be, so check it out.

Once you are registered you can make a plan to vote in person or to get an absentee ballot.

Where Do I Vote?

You have a couple of options:

1. You can vote in person on November 3rd at your polling place. This could be in a town hall, a school, city hall.

2. You can also vote by mail by getting an absentee ballot. You need to request your ballot by October 29. Do it as soon as you are able so there is time to get it mailed to you before the November 3 election.

What Am I Voting For?

The election on November 3 is for President, your congress person, and for people who will represent you on the state level.

How Do I Register to Vote?

You can do this with your town or city clerk or online.

If you don’t get this done by October 14 you can register at your polling place on Election Day.

It’s a great idea to double check to make sure you are registered so that you are not surprised on election day.

How Do I Absentee Vote or Vote by Mail?

Anyone can vote by absentee or by mail. This is the same thing.

You request a ballot from your local town or city clerk or can request on online.

Some key things to remember: you can request a ballot up to October 29. It must be returned by 8pm on election day. You must be registered to vote before requesting an absentee ballot.

Do I Need An Id?

Yes. If you are voting in person you will need some form of ID and you will also need it to register.

Can I Vote Early?

In some communities you are able to vote at a polling place early. Contact your municipal clerk (City or Town Clerk) to learn if this is an option for you.

How Do I Find Out More About Who I’m Voting For?

Check your local newspaper to read more about candidates. Each candidate will also have a website that will have more information about themselves.

I Feel Like I’m Getting The Runaround.

Toll-free Voter Help Line: 1-866-VOTE-WIS

Who Is In Charge Of The Election?

The Wisconsin Elections Commission administers and enforces Wisconsin elections law, and is made up of six members. Four are appointed by the four legislative leaders and two are appointed by the Governor.

Who Counts The Votes?

The Municipal Clerk, which is either the Town or City Clerk.

They report their results to the County Clerk.

They then go to the County Canvassing Board where they certify the results.

What If I Don’t Vote?

Voting is a choice and a responsibility, but it is not required by law.

Where Can I Get Help?

NorthLakes Community Health Workers are a resource for many things, including getting help registering to vote.

Reach out to them for that, or to get signed up for insurance or for any barriers in your life. is a great resource for more information and so are our Community Health Workers.

Call us to get connected with one!

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